Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feet on the Street

The Band led by Ken West, Friday Night, was great. The Sax player and the fiddler added extra dimension to the mostly country western music. We danced and visited til ten o'clock. (That's considered late in Clifton) Since White Horse Station is just down the block the commute is quite nice for me. This morning, all the shops and galleries have their OPEN flags flapping in the breeze alongside "Old Glory" and the Norwegian flag . Tom Paulson and Vickie are headed for Kerrville for the COLLECTOR'S CLASSIC at the Museum of Western Art. The reception is tonight, the show will be up until October 31st. Several of our locally shown artists are in the show including: Tom Paulson, Mike Irvin and Kathy Tate. It is always a great show. The Bosque Emporium is busy as usual, Geneva is bustling about the store helping people find that special something. They have been here for many years and have a large following. Their booths are filled with treasures. Speaking of treasures, Lisa Rose , artist and weaver,with daughter Amny came by to show me the Christmas ornament she made for the Coleman County Museum Christmas tree The museum contacted every county in Texas for ornaments which represent s their county. The ornaments will be displayed on their tree in December. I am posting the photo of the one Lisa made of cow horn, native flora, wool and flint, all displayed on the oak tree which is so representative of Bosque County , reminding us that It is a Great Life When You Live it in Clifton Texas.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happenings on Main

Jake Miller rips a story straight from tomorrow's headlines and introduces readers to an alarming world where criminal organizations are aligning with insurgencies to capture governments...November Tango tackles the serious issue of pose conflict crime and the question of What Happens Next. Miller will be available Saturday, October 4th at the White Horse Station to sell and sign his debut novel. Jake Miller graduated from Clifton High School in 1995. "We are a lot more than just a small town". Meet you at the Station.

"It's a Great Life When You Live it in Clifton".

Beautiful Fall Day in Bosque County

The morning air has a cool crispness to it which adds a spring to our step and energizes our creativity. The green Spirit Flags are out on the street, flapping in the soft breeze as the ladies go into the "Chat n' Curl" next door for their hair do's for the weekend. They come out smelling of shampoo and hair spray, ready for dinner at the American Legion Hall on Friday night , shopping trips on Saturday and church service on Sunday morning. Friday night there is a special treat on main street as the White Horse Station will have it's monthly live music with Ken West and Timmy Kleine, and the Band. They offer a variety of music from Western to rock and roll. We all go the the American Legion Hall for a great Steak dinner then converge on the Station for dessert and a night of good music, dancing and socializing. We do that a lot ,actually, for the Station is a wonderful meeting place where we drink good coffee, eat ice-cream and catch up on the latest developments in our community. There is always talk of which buildings are being renovated and who plans to open what and then of course POLITICS...Clifton like every other small town is a hub bub of possibilities as we strive to strike a balance between progress/growth and maintaining status quo. Quality of Life is important to us all however as we grapple with the challenges of life inthe 21st century in a small rural community. The newcomers and the old-timers work alongside each other in an effort to better the quality of life for all and to preserve the heritage which the early settlers strove to provide. For all of us "Life is Great When You Live it in Clifton".

Thursday, October 2, 2008


September 18th marked the CAN! third Saturday as well as the Bosque Conservatory's annual "Conservatory Art Classic "Show and Sale. They exhibited over 160 paintings, drawings and sculpture from across the country. People flooded the community on both Friday and Saturday, enjoying the galleries downtown and the Bosque Museum, the resturants and lush countryside. The Preview on Friday night was abuzz with potential buyers picking their favorites. The Winner's Circle featured past winners such as George Boutwell and Steve Atkinson. Steve and his wife Anne were in attendance as well as other notables such as Tony Eubanks, George Hallmark, Mike Windsor and Mike Irvin whose painting "The Sniff Test" is attached , 43 pieces of art were purchased. The Downtown Galleries: White Horse Station, Stonewall Collections, Paulson Gallery and L.A.Thompson Gallery enjoyed the many enthusiastic visitors and sales throughout the weekend. Having four art galleries on Main street is establishing an identity for the area as an art destination; with the two wonderful antique malls , The Bosque Emporium and The Clifton Antique Mall , and the Blossom Shoppe,visitors have a variety of shops with special merchandise to tempt their shopping pleasures. BJ's WesternWear and Albrecht's Pharmacy are a must visit for purchasing quality clothing and speciality gifts respectively. Proving once again that "Life is Great When You Live it in Clifton".

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clifton Art Scene

The Streets are Alive with Working Artists every 3rd Saturday.....
Mike Windsor and Bobbe Gentry discuss the interesting aspects of sculpting outside on a hot fall day. Clifton now hosts 5 art glleries, four downtown with working artists, sculptors and painters. The charm of this small town is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike as they discover tasty treats at the White Horse Station, wonderful antiques in Historic old buildings , lovely gifts and beautiful arrangements at the Blossom Shoppe
It's easy to feel special and enjoy the warm Texas
hospitality of the Clifton community. It' s a Great Life When You Live it in Clifton

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Art Review -September

The CAN(Clifton Arts Network) group organized another Saturday in downtown Clifton on Sept. 20th. It was a perfect day weather-wise, people came and enjoyed arts and crafts in our lovely downtown setting. We called it "Show Down on Main" with the idea of giving the arts and crafts people an opportunity to show and sell their work. We also encourage non-profits and locals to set -up tables for fundraising. The White Horse Station provided live music with Ken West, great coffee and desserts, Blue Bell ice cream and good food. The were doing a great business. People were visiting and enjoying the Sculpture of Jack Walker and the paintings of Robert Molene and others of note. The street was filled with people who were enjoying delicious baked goods at the cheer-leaders tables, beautiful handmade purses by Cecil's Mom, Hand crafted Jewelry and knitted apparel . The Four Art Galleries featured working professional sculptors; Mike Windsor, Tom Paulson, Jeff Gottfried. The day was a great opportunity to enjoy the slow pace of our wonderful small town and appreciate its' hospitality . It's a Great Life When you Live it in Clifton.